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Purple Climbing Beans


Beans Climbing, Dwarf, French, Runners, Broad, Dried Beans and Soya we have them all! Brassica, Cauliflowers (white, orange, green & purple!), Brussels, Broccoli, Calabrese etc Cucurbita Cucumbers, Melons, Courgettes, Squash, Pumpkins, and Melothria

Onion Family Globe onions from seed, Welsh & Spring onions for salads and Leeks.

Peas, Asparagus peas, tasty green peas and mangetout  in green, yellow and purple! Root Veg Beetroot, Parsnips, Radish, Scorzonera & Carrots (Orange Red, Purple, Yellow!) Salads & Leaves. Lettuce, Amaranth, Choi Sum, Perilla, Radicchio and Spinach Sprouting Seeds for a healthy salad option. We sell both the seeds and equipment.

Welcome to the new Vegetable Seed Store pages. I have been growing vegetables nearly all my life and I am excited about the opportunity to pass on some of my own experience and knowledge to our customers. My choice of varieties is based on our own trials over the years but also coupled with unusual and some potentially outstanding items. The mix also includes some heirloom types as well as organic options.

We are approaching the peak seed sowing season for both flower seeds and vegetable seeds now, so please get your orders in early enough not to miss the early part of the season. Click on the pictures to take you to the appropriate vegetable seed sections. Don't miss our  "Baby Vegetables" section!

Stem & Fruit Artichoke, Asparagus, Egg plant, Celery, Okra, Strawberry, Swiss Chard.

Sweet & Hot Peppers Chili Peppers and Sweet Peppers in lilac, red and rainbow colours.

Sweet Corn, tender and sweet, bicolour, blue, white, gold and red varieties all to tempt you!

Tomatoes, outdoor and indoor,  beefsteak and salad, red, yellow, black & white varieties.

Vegetable Sowing  Calendar A useful web page to help you plan your vegetable garden? If you like hard copy to browse through we have a new 16 page 2013 plant catalogue available on request.  Hot off the press our 2013 full colour 164 page seed catalogue! Unusual, flower and vegetable seeds plus our old favourites! If you are looking for Parasene, Sankey or BioGreen heated propagators we offer very keen pricing!

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